Dave & Jenna’s Big Day / Llano, TX Wedding

I wasn’t Dave & Jenna’s photographer–I just got to attend as an excited friend. I’ve known Dave since I first moved to Austin in 2006, and I must have met Jenna around that same time. We all worked together, and I remember seeing Dave when Jenna would walk into the room…he was clearly smitten long before they ever got together.

Their wedding was small and intimate, outside of a B&B in Llano, which is west of Austin in the heart of the hill country. The ceremony, beautiful and straight to the point, was over almost as soon as we sat down. These two were ready to celebrate, and that’s exactly what we all did for the rest of the night.

I was honored to witness this day in their life together, and excited to get these two shots by chance as they walked down the aisle.

Walking the bride down the aisle.

Dave and his mother. The ceremony was right at sunset, giving the most romantic and beautiful light outside.


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