Inspired: The Sartorialist

I first learned about Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist, through the blog of Jasmine Star, my photographer hero. I’ve never been a fashionista really (okay…at all if we’re being totally honest), but I love his work because he captures real people on the streets of the world’s most beautiful cities rather than stick thin models on a runway. He captures people who are confident in their skin and their fashion, and he makes you feel as though anyone can radiate their own sense of style.

Beyond that, what I really love about this photo is that in our youth-obsessed society we rarely see great photography of seniors, and I believe they are some of the most interesting and beautiful people to photograph. There is wisdom and life in those faces that you just can’t buy, no matter how much anti-wrinkle cream they sell you. We ought to start looking past the obvious and noticing that there is an entire segment of the population that we’re missing in photography. Thank you, Scott Schuman, for showing us just how dapper (and stylish) an older man can be.

Seriously, doesn’t he look like he’d have a few great stories to tell?

Photo by Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist /


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