It’s the little things, really

Lately I have been so wrapped up in reading, learning, shooting, reading some more…(the cycle goes on and on) that I literally have to pull myself away from photography and remind myself to take a break every once in a while. The up side of this is that it has been so good for my soul, and a strong sign that I’m leading myself in the right direction. The down side is that I have to make sure I’m not missing out on the other important things in my life.

Couple that with the fact that yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous January day in Austin, and it seemed like a walk was exactly what we needed. So late in the afternoon we donned our running shoes, rounded up the puppies and strolled out the door, camera in tow. As we were headed back home, I let Marlin and the dogs walk ahead of me so I could try to get some shots while the sun was going down and couldn’t help but realize just how blessed I am. Don’t get me wrong–we all look forward to the big moments of our lives, but it’s the little things, really, that bring us back to Earth and remind us who we are and how much we really have.

Ashley Terry 2011

Ashley Terry 2011

Ashley Terry 2011

Ashley Terry 2011

Ashley Terry 2011

My favorite!

Ashley Terry 2011

This little photo makes me so happy!

Ashley Terry 2011



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2 responses to “It’s the little things, really

  1. Linda

    Great close-up of Charlie girl! Love, love, LOVE the dogs highlighted while walking towards the sunset…that’s awesome.

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