Inspired: Carli Alisabeth Photography

I am so excited about this post! I’ve been wanting to put this up for a while now, but out of respect I’ve been waiting until she was ready to make her debut.

I met Carli in 2006…the same year I met my husband and the same year I moved to Austin. It was a big year for me. When I moved into my new apartment with my two roommates, she was my next door neighbor, along with her sister and another roommate. Little did I know that in a few short months, I’d be working with her brother, eventually we’d have our first date, and oh yea, three years later we’d get married!

I couldn’t ask for two better sisters-in-law (in fact, I just prefer to leave the “in-law” part out altogether), and since Carli met her husband Travis and moved to North Carolina, we all miss them like crazy. But this is good news for North Carolina, because she happens to be one uber-talented photographer! Her work is fun, lively and beautiful…just like her. Even more important is that her excitement for life and her love of meeting new people makes her such a joy to be around.

So this is my piece of advice for you if you live in North Carolina…Go. Now. Call her! Before she books up completely and you lose your chance. Trust me…your picture frames will thank you!

So, without further ado, I am beyond thrilled to introduce to you a major inspiration of mine,  Carli Alisabeth Photography!


Carli Alisabeth Photography 2011

Carli Alisabeth Photography 2011

Carli Alisabeth Photography 2011

Carli Alisabeth Photography 2011

*Side note: The hot model in the photo above is Marlin’s other gorgeous sister, Kaylie. I know….good lookin’ family, right?

The two of us together in 2009…the day she became my sister!

Photo by Leah Muse, 2009



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2 responses to “Inspired: Carli Alisabeth Photography

  1. Susie Gregory

    So sweet Ashley.

  2. Kaylie Terry

    Love this 🙂

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