All you need to know from chapter two

I recently started reading a book of mine that I’ve already read a couple of times before. Some people see this as a waste of time, but not me. I buy books instead of borrowing them precisely so that I can refer back to them over and over (oh, and so no one gets upset about the highlighted passages everywhere–that’s my mark of a good book).

The book is Believing God, by Beth Moore. I first read it in college on the recommendation of a friend. What I really like to do is read the books over and over and notice each time the different parts that I highlight; the way I see it differently each time depending on where I am in my life. This sentence, early on in chapter two, hit me like a ton of bricks and I wondered why it wasn’t already highlighted.

“You don’t have the need that exceeds His power.”–Beth Moore

I haven’t had the best of days today. I guess that’s bound to happen from time to time when you decide to go after a dream. There’s so much to consider. Dreams require everything you have to give; they require sacrifice; they require you ignoring all the doubts in your head; they require going out on that limb (or stepping out of the boat and onto the sea).

Do you remember that story? Jesus walked on the water and was urged by Peter to call him out on the water as well. When Peter stepped out of the boat, he realized the leap of faith it required and his fear got the best of him. Jesus reached out His hand to catch him and asked him why he ever doubted Him.

I think every dreamer wishes they had that reassurance, that permission, to take the leap of faith. We want to know that it’s what we’re supposed to do and that we will be spared the danger of it all. What on earth would you do if God said to you, “I’m holding out my hand to catch you–just take the first step. I promise you won’t fail.” Can you imagine?

But we’re not Peter. We don’t have the guarantee that every decision we make will be the right one, or that everything will turn out the way we want it to or in the timing that we want. We don’t have the guarantee that it will be as easy as taking that proverbial step.

What we do have is the truth that we don’t have the need that exceeds His power. If we can trust that, then it starts to make those waves out on the water a little less scary.

Ashley Terry 2010


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