…begin it.

Well so I’ve been pacing back and forth in my living room now for a good hour, wondering what I should write about today and if I have anything worth saying at all. I probably should have been putting away the dishes in the kitchen or putting the clothes in the dryer or a myriad of other things, but what can I say…I’m stubborn. I knew if I sat here long enough it would come to me.

I’ve had this concept in my head for quite a while, and I sort of talked to Marlin about it last week (I say sort of because I really mean that I rambled on for an hour while my thoughts moved way too quickly for me to make any sense of them, much less translate them to my husband). Anyway, he’s really sweet so he listened instead of telling me to figure out what on Earth I was talking about.

There is so much more that I dream for this adventure of mine to be than a small business. It’s a platform, and I want this platform to be used to encourage other women to dream BIG dreams. I want this platform to be a partner in moving all of us to live our best lives, as Oprah would say, whatever that life is for you. It’s not just about running a business or reaching a career goal. It’s about finding the place in the world that we are most ourselves so that we can get a little bit closer every day to our highest potential, in order to have the profound impact we were meant to have in this world. I’m not quite sure yet how to go about this, but while I was searching for a bit of inspiration to spur this post, I came across this quote that sums it all up:

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can…begin it.”–Goethe

Now is the time to put aside anything that is holding you back…from taking control of your health….from setting aside time to do the things you love…from finally kicking those credit cards to the curb…from taking the chance you’re afraid to take…from painting the walls that bright citrus green that makes you smile…from reigniting your love affair with God.

Whatever our dreams may be, we’ll never see their full potential if we’re not living our best lives, and that means taking responsibility for every aspect of our lives. So I hope that you will join me as I take this challenge on myself, because it won’t be easy…and it’s a lifelong challenge, but really what else do we have to do?

Today is the day. Begin it.

Ashley Terry 2011



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2 responses to “…begin it.

  1. bucky

    Ashley, I’m very impressed with your ability to put into words the way you think and feel and the drive you have behind it. Keep it up.

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