Thank the Lord for Mama

Hi everyone! I won’t be around this weekend to blog because I’m headed northbound to celebrate my Mama. So here’s to wishing you a happy and memorable mother’s day weekend, and before I rush out, a little something that resonated with me:

“How does she do it? How does she always remember to tell me she loves me? How does she work all night and do errands all day? How does she raise me and my sister on her own? She never gives up and says, ‘I can’t go today.’…no matter how little sleep she’s gotten…I turn my eyes toward God and silently thank the Lord for Mama.”–Amelia Chamberlin, American writer

My mom with my sister and me on my wedding day. The three soul mates.

Photo by Leah Muse, 2009



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2 responses to “Thank the Lord for Mama

  1. Dave

    Ya’ll are Incredible women!! Mama has done very well raise both of you by herself… Really that is an understatement. Most parents ( unfotunately not all) give everything they have to raising their children!! In this Mama’s case their is something special that I don’t know how to describe, I’m not sure it’s possible!! Mama Linda has a Special love for her Girls and Family and beyond. I’m a late comer to the family Thanks be to God for leading Linda and I to each other. The love and acceptance that she has given to the Bayle Boys put my life back on track in my case. She’s loved us unconditionally, thrust me we have not always made that an easy task. I’m a blessed man to have found Mama Linda and her girls, Ashley and Tabitha thanks for letting me be a dad!! I Love Ya’ll

    With all My Heart


  2. Mama

    How do I do it??? That’s easy….one day when you have a child you’ll see how the true love drives you daily. My love for my girls is truly from the depth of my soul.-
    The most blessed Mama

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