Wedding inspiration: casual country | Austin wedding photographer

Last weekend I was at the beach, strolling through an antiques shop with my friend Keli and my cousin Katlyn for the last few hours of our girls’ weekend trip before heading back to Austin. Katlyn is getting married this year (or next year; we’re not sure yet) and we spent a good part of our weekend talking about her plans and ideas. She might be the most relaxed, laid-back bride I’ve ever known. I’m always impressed when I meet brides who are more focused on the marriage than the wedding, because it’s so easy to get caught up in such an important day, but that’s when you know they’re ready to take the leap.

I don’t remember how she thought of it (maybe it was inspiration from walking through aisles and aisles of vintage books and decor in the store), but as I was working my way through a rack of old wedding dresses she mentioned wanting to have root beer sundaes in mason jars at her reception, and I just about died. Suddenly I had pictures of the entire wedding running through my head, all starting from that one little detail. How adorable would that be?! I could just imagine myself sipping from an old mason jar in the summer sun (elegantly in my bridesmaid’s dress, of course) while guests danced to Norah Jones and toasted the new couple with champagne and slices of blackberry pie. Then I came back to reality when I realized this was her wedding, and I’ve already planned my own. But you have to admit, it’s a great idea.

While it now looks like we’ll be celebrating a winter wedding instead, I still couldn’t get the mason jar wedding out of my head so I decided to put together an inspiration board because…well, because it’s fun, I’m a girl and it’s a very girl-y thing to do, but also in hopes that it will inspire some of you. And when you get ready to start planning this insanely gorgeous wedding, I might be able to recommend a photographer…just saying.

Happy weekend!

Compiled by Ashley Terry


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