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I’m here to report that we’re forging through our self-assigned shooting challenges, even when feeling not quite so inspired (that is the point, yes?). So last night while Marlin yelled at the Mavericks and Heat in game three , I was setting up lighting for my new shoes…yes, shoes. The assignment was “what you wore today,” and let me just tell you that Jimmy Choo won’t be calling me to shoot their next product line anytime soon. But I did it, and it forced me to get outside of my comfort zone and to look at shooting from a new angle, so that’s all that matters.

On the bright side, I am loving these new heels by Elle! They’re just funky enough to make a girl like me feel a little trendy, but there’s enough support to keep me from falling all over myself (knock on wood). Physical grace has never been my thing.

And since it’s already getting dark here, my clouds assignment will have to wait for tomorrow.

Ashley Terry 2011

Ashley Terry 2011


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