County Line Wedding Inspiration | Austin Photographer

I’m charging up my camera tonight, getting ready to make the three hour drive up to North Texas to see my family and celebrate father’s day a week early tomorrow. I always get so excited to stay at my grandparents’ house on the lake; it’s my favorite place in the whole world. Small town of farmers and cow pastures, an old Dairy Queen where my first boyfriend worked, and streets named after my great grandmother. I swear everyone in town knows someone in my family, and I’ve yet to meet one who has anything bad to say. Though I could probably never get used to the quiet long enough to live there, it’s always been one of the two places in my world where everything is always okay, no matter what else is going on (the other being the house my other set of grandparents’ built when my mom was pregnant with me). So tonight’s wedding inspiration is in honor of the good ol’ people of Azle, Texas. It’s a country wedding on the shores of Eagle Mountain Lake.

Happy weekend!


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