On risk

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes here lately…not so much on the blog, I know, but well worth it in the end I believe.

If just three or four years ago (maybe even two years ago) I would have been able to see into the future and see myself building a business from the ground up, a business based on my creative passions, a business based around my life and my personality, well, I don’t really know what I would have done. Laughed, probably. I’ve never considered myself a business person, whatever that really means. In college I listened to my friends in the business school talk about profit margins and big bonus checks and fancy offices and I just felt like it was a completely different world. You were either meant for business or you weren’t. If, like me, you were more the creative type, writing or painting or designing let’s say, then being an entrepreneur was out of the question. That was perfectly fine with me.

There’s one more little detail that kept me from ever even dreaming up the possibility of something like this. I’m what you would call a bit risk-averse. Okay, well if we’re being completely open and honest here, I pretty much hate risk. It means lack of control and that always  puts me on edge; I’m not even comfortable letting my gas tank drop down to below the quarter mark. Yea, that’s me.

When I really stop to think about it, I’m completely at peace and comfortable knowing that everything will work itself out and all will be well and birds will always be singing in the blue skies. Are you kidding me?! When I really stop to think about it, I have a little miniature freak-out session in my head. What on earth am I doing? I know nothing about business; heck, some days I feel like I know nothing about photography! What crazed thought has entered my head and somehow given me the idea that I could actually be good at this? Why do I think that I won’t just fall flat on my face and lose everything we’ve worked so hard to build up?

This is life as an entrepreneur, my friends. And as I am quickly learning, there’s no way to get around these feelings. You just have to experience them. Risk is the name of the game. But, as David duChemin reminds us, if you’re stepping out on the limb for something that you just can’t possibly imagine giving up, then it might be just what you need to do.

“Whatever your path looks like, there will be risks. It’s never a question of whether you risk or do not risk. It’s a question of which risks you choose. I hope that you’ll take the risks with the biggest payoffs, the ones that–should you succeed–allow you to craft a life doing what you love. The other risk–the one with the highest cost and no payoff, except the illusion of safety–is doing nothing, getting to the end of this life and facing regrets for never having tried. We’ve got one kick at this great adventure, so we might as well make our mark and live it the way we were uniquely created to do.”

Which risk will you regret taking?

It's like a game of checkers--at some point you just have to make a move and deal with whatever comes next.


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  1. Dave

    Well written!! This shows how much you’ve grown and matures over the past few years!! Risk is good, as long as it is calculated. (in my opinion)

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