Clear the clutter!

I’m writing this a little later in the night than usual; I really should be going to bed already but I can’t get this out of my head so I’ve got to share it with you before I can start counting sheep. Tonight, I’m challenging you to join me in my mission to clear the clutter!

I won’t say I’m officially obsessive, but I’ll admit to you that I’m the kind of girl who has to make sure the stapler and the tape dispenser on my desk at work are at just the right angle next to my computer monitor before I can leave my office for the day. As painful as it is to share that with you, it’s true. If laundry is left sitting on top of the dresser in my bedroom (as opposed to being tucked away neatly inside it), I don’t sleep as well at night. And if there’s a mess in the kitchen, I actually have to clean the whole thing before I can continue working in there, even though I’ll just be making another mess with whatever I’m making. Before you ask why I’m crazy enough to admit all of this to you, dear readers, let me make my point: I cannot work when I’m surrounded by clutter. It overwhelms me and paralyzes my thoughts, and I’m completely unable to focus on anything else until it’s cleared, organized, and neatly arranged.

My biggest problem is that most of the clutter in my life is mental clutter, which is by far the worst offender. It continuously piles on throughout the day, never goes away and demands to be paid attention to at the worst possible times. For years I’ve been in the habit of falling asleep to the background noise of the television; if the room is completely silent, my mind will just race for hours with things I need to remember, birthdays that are coming up, bills that need to be paid, that dentist appointment that needs to be confirmed, the new book I’ve been meaning to read, that trip that I’ve still got to plan, the presentation I’m planning for work, the friend I keep forgetting to call back…you get the idea. Other days I find myself turning off the radio on my morning drive to work because I’m surrounded with so much mental noise, I can’t possibly add a background of commercials or depressing news. Now I’m no doctor, but I’m just guessing that this can’t be healthy. I’m also guessing that if you’re still reading this, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s called clutter because it’s getting in the way and not doing anyone any good.

So I’m inviting (or shall I say, daring) you to join me in clearing the mental clutter that’s keeping us from being our most powerful selves. I’ll be sharing specific challenges to work through over the coming weeks as well as reports from the field, to let you know how it’s working out.

Are you with me? Good, now I can go get some sleep!

Ashley Terry 2011





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