A barefoot brunch

Brunch is an important meal in Austin, Texas. I didn’t really grow up eating brunch (at least we weren’t fancy enough to call it that), but since moving here, I’ve garnered a real appreciation for it. It’s typical Austin, with its laid back style and decadent menus, and it’s the perfect way to catch up with family, friends, or even strangers around the table.

This morning we made brunch in the Terry house with a menu inspired by the Barefoot Contessa:

Spicy bloody Marys (sans the vodka, because I thought we had some in the freezer…turns out, I was wrong)

Potato basil frittata, garnished with tomato and herbs

Whole wheat spicy cheese biscuits

Black pepper turkey bacon

I’ll post the recipes soon, but for now, some eye candy:

One very important thing to note about brunch: You must protect your plate, because you never know who might be sneaking around waiting for the perfect moment when no one is watching…

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