August 1, 1952

It was August 1, 1952.

Harry Truman was president. The hydrogen bomb was detonated for the first time. The transistor radio and the polio vaccine were introduced. Stalin was still ruling the Soviet Union and McCarthyism had the U.S. in a panic. It was a leap year and the cost for a loaf of bread was sixteen cents.

You could say that it was a completely different world, but some things were just the same as they would be today.

It was August 1, 1952 and in a small north Texas farming town called Vernon, two teenagers held hands, surrounded by their families, and promised to love and honor each other as long as they both should live.

Seven years later, my father was born.

Happy, happy anniversary to my grandparents, who are celebrating 59 years together today. You are two of my favorite people in the whole world, and I’m so thankful that you found each other all those years ago. I can’t wait to make it to 59, if Marlin will put up with me for that long.

Photo courtesy Leah Muse / Whitney Lee Photography 2009


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8 responses to “August 1, 1952

  1. bucky

    Wow Ashley, that is great. Tell your grandparents that is wonderful.

  2. 59 years is a long time–that is so inspiring! Congratulations to them!

    • Thanks, Krista! I know, it’s really kind of incomprehensible to me at this stage, considering I’ve not even been alive half of that time. They just amaze me. I try to soak up every little bit of wisdom from them when I’m with them, because clearly they’re doing something right.

  3. Joan hANEY

    Ashley, you’re just the most precious granddaughter to remember our anniversary. Gdaddy is not much on the computer, but just wait til I show him this. I gotta believe that you and Marlin will make it to 59 and longer/ Love you. Grandmother

  4. Impressive, awe inspiring, etc. Congrats to your grandparents!

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