Wedding movies I love, pt 1 & an NYC vintage glam wedding board

Sometimes there’s nothing I enjoy watching on t.v. more than a good ol’ chick flick; my favorites usually include a wedding or two. The other night as I was crawling into bed, flipping the channels searching for something that wouldn’t drive me crazy with background noise, I landed on Bride Wars. Now this movie has a special meaning for me, because the year that it came out my best friend and I were both engaged and planning our weddings. Before you ask, no, it was nothing like most of the movie. There was no sabotaging, no blue hair, no fake tans gone awry by one best friend trying to outdo the other. In fact, it was pretty much the opposite, and such a fun time for us to be going through the same things together.

Since Bride Wars is all about getting married in the big apple and my best friend now lives there, I thought I’d do an inspiration board for my version of a vintage glam NYC wedding.

The above images are not via Ashley Terry Creative; gathered from a web search for inspiration purposes only.

Oh, and in case you never saw the movie, here’s a little preview for you.


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