It’s that time again

Ladies, it’s that time again. If you live in Texas and you’re married, dating, have friends that are guys or well, if you know a man, you know what I mean.

It’s officially college football season.

This is the time of year when everything around our house changes. Even the air is different. Marlin wakes up early on Saturdays just to sing along to the opening sequence of ESPN’s Game Day show. The dog days of summer are gone and the next few months belong to football. He’ll be watching games until his eyes are glued in that crazy position. He’ll turn the rally cap when things get tough, and he’ll make snide remarks under his breath to anyone who dares to make a negative comment about their own team…because you just don’t do that. He’ll argue stats and trivia with anyone who has enough false confidence to go up against him. But let me just save you the time; you’re going to lose. He’ll pretend to listen to me when I talk about anything else, but he’ll actually be running stats in his head, and strategizing who will make the championship run this season. At least he’ll smile and nod his head so he thinks that I think he’s really paying attention. But we both know the truth.

It’s alright; I’ve made my peace with it. I’ll sacrifice full conversations for my husband’s greater good, because this is the time of year when he really comes to life. It might as well be Christmas.

So to all of you ladies out there who understand my plight, just remember. Things will be back to normal soon enough. Like in February.

P.S. Don’t tell anyone, but I might even have a little fun myself. Hook ’em!


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  1. Jennifer

    I totally understand. I enjoy watching college and younger teams play football too but usually alone. Patrick’s agenda for the next few months:

    Sunday: Christopher’s football practice, NFL game
    Monday: Christopher’s football practice, possible NFL game
    Tuesday: Christopher’s game
    Wednesday: revamp fantasy football team
    Thursday: Randomly NFL schedules a game to watch
    Friday: Christopher’s football practice, go to occasional High School Football game
    Saturday: College Football

    Sometimes I enjoy the freedom it gives me but mostly I don’t like being a football widow.

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