There will be healing

Our cable is out right now so I haven’t seen the news, but I’ve been checking the updates online and skimming through photo galleries of the terrible wildfires that destroyed so many homes in the Austin metro area yesterday. This morning we woke to what should be a refreshing and welcome breeze in the air, but with this dry, brittle land that’s been suffering a drought for so long, it seems like just a threat waving in our faces, a reminder that another fire could break out anywhere, at any time.

In times like this we are reminded of just how helpless we can be, especially when it comes to Mother Nature. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved sitting on the porch and watching the clouds when a storm rolls in. The crash of the thunder reminds me of God’s ultimate power, and just how strong He really is. Oddly enough, I really like storms (until they become damaging, of course). I feel like it’s God’s way of showing his power and I always feel safe knowing that the Creator of the storm is the same God I carry all my cares and concerns to. He controls the clouds and the thunder and the rain (umm, of which we could use anything that you have to spare, by the way); the wind and the sun and the heat.

This is not a post where I explain why natural disasters occur or why God lets them happen. Your guess is as good as mine. I know how big God is and I don’t pretend to know all the reasons behind what happens here on Earth. But in that same respect, I know how big God is, and I know that if He controls the wind, He also controls the rain. The rain that will come, and it will come…eventually. There will be healing in this land. The grass will grow over where the ashes are today. The water will fill the lakes and everything will be renewed again, and stronger for what it has overcome. If you’re in Austin (or anywhere in Texas, really) I know it’s hard to believe right now. Especially if you’ve lost your home. I don’t have answers, but I do know who is in control, and His power is greater than any we’ve ever known. Don’t underestimate what He can do.

On a side note, if you’ve been evacuated from the fires in the Austin metro area, Austin Christian Fellowship church in River Place (near 620 and 2222) is providing shelter and food, and pets are more than welcome. They are also collecting information on specific needs and sharing it with members on Facebook so that our community can do whatever we can to help our neighbors. 



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