Set apart

Tonight I want to talk about purpose. Mainly because it’s been something that has been weighing on me for months, but also because I want to know what you think.

I believe in purpose. I believe that I am here on this Earth because there is some contribution or difference I am supposed to make that only I can make. I believe that’s why you’re here, too. I believe that we all have different talents and personalities and viewpoints because we are intended to make the mark that only we can make. And I believe, as Oprah has said, that it’s my job to figure out what my purpose is and get about the business of fulfilling it.

Problem is, I have no idea what that is.

Now this never happens to me, but tonight I sat down to open up my book of devotionals and the scripture for September 8 was this from 1 Peter (4:10):

“Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others.”

Clearly Someone knows that this has been on mind. In the book, Max Lucado adds his own thoughts:

“Blessed are those who recognize their God-given responsibilities. Blessed are those who know what on Earth they are  on Earth to do and set themselves about the business of doing it.”

So if you don’t know what your responsibility is, how do you discover it?  God told Jeremiah, “before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” Wow. “Before you were born I set you apart.” This is a lot for my human brain to grasp, but I know enough to know that if God set me apart from all the rest of His miraculous creations, there must be a good reason.

What do you think? Do you know your purpose? Your calling? If so, how did you finally come around to understanding it?


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2 responses to “Set apart

  1. Dave

    Wow!! In all honesty it take time (years) to figure out!! For me I think my calling is to stand up for what is right no matter who agrees with me, likes or dislikes me or (frankly) who I piss off. Right is right Period, End of story. With that said I’ve learned to be smart by picking my battles and understanding timing is everything. Personally I love to kill people with kindness, when that doesn’t work I’ve had to lay things out for the few hard heads out there.
    One of my motto’s is I will not disrespect you, your family or friends so don’t try it with me or mine!! Ok to try and answer your question…How do I know my purpose/calling or my God given talent? I don’t know for sure, which is all part of the mystery of life I believe through faith. All I can base the above on is my experiences thus far in life. I’ve made my share of mistakes and tried to learn from them. Beyond that I belive in living life by conviction, this keeps things real simple. I do things because they are the right things to do. Always be honest, especially with yourself. As you go through life build on you strengths and successes, don’t beat youself up over your mistakes and manage the risks you take. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope, but khow when to back off to avoid being shreaded!! I hope I’ve made some sense and provided some insight based on mt first 52 years on earth. For me the key to understanding who I am and what my purpose is has been listenening to others whom I trust and respect. God Bless

  2. Joan hANEY

    Ashley, we have just started our Ladies Bible Class for Fall and this scripture about knowing you in your mother’s womb jumped out at me also and is so powerful. You are special and the bright spot in our lives. The fact that you are trying to follow Christ and have chosen Marlin to help is a happy thought for us in a time of so much bad news. Your kind and thoughtful heart is an asset that will help you find your goal. Doing a good job at work is something a lot of employees don’t have. We love you and are so proud of you, GMother and GDaddy

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