Two Years

As this day has been getting closer, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past two years. All that we’ve done, all that we’ve been through, all that we’ve accomplished and all the places we’ve been. I think about the good days and the bad days…and realize, thankfully, that the latter are few and far between. I think about the times we’ve cried, all the times we’ve laughed, and the hundreds of mornings that were made instantly better because I woke up with you by my side. Most importantly, I think of all the lessons I’ve learned.

For instance, I’ve learned that you like to kick your shoes off in the doorway as soon as you get home. You like to sweeten your coffee with chocolate milk. You can do a full load of laundry for only your burnt orange t-shirts. You can keep up and keep score with all seventeen football games that might be on t.v. at one given time. You don’t have much to say in the mornings, but you’ve always got a wink in your eye and a compliment on hand. You don’t always feel like you have the right words to say to me, but you always know how to make me laugh, and that’s even better. No matter what I make in the kitchen, you’ll always find a way to take it up just one more notch And you make an awesome breakfast.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that even though you’re perfect for me, our marriage is so much more than just what I get. It’s the chance to really get to know each other; the good and the bad…and the bad hair days. It’s building a life together, day in and day out, whether we’re spending a night on the town or just relaxing on the couch. It’s being the one you talk to, the one who gets to encourage you, support you, and annoy you (sometimes all in the same day if I’m really on a roll). It’s about learning to love someone as you love yourself, or more. It’s about giving the best of yourself, even on days when you don’t feel like it. No, it’s not about what we get, but who we get to be for each other. Thank you for letting me be that special someone, your partner and your cheerleader. I’m so honored.

Happy two year anniversary. Here’s to all the lessons we’ve learned so far and to the many, many more still to come. I love you.

Back during our engagement; just a couple of kids


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