White Family Christmas | Austin Family Photographer

I couldn’t wait to take these photos for one of my favorite families, and of course the morning we woke up to meet it was cold and raining outside. I’m a natural light photographer; I don’t have a studio, so instead I have to have a Plan B. I’m so thankful these guys were flexible and willing to drive all the way into town and venture out into the rain with a toddler and without knowing where we would end up shooting. They have so much fun together that it doesn’t matter where they are or what the background is. Their joy is undeniable.

Ashley Terry 2011

The rain slowed down for a few minutes so we stepped outside and got as many as we could before it started again. Little T, you’re such a trooper for posing in the cold!

I love this one below. In the frame I took just before it, they were both looking at their son, and in this one I caught them smiling at each other. I love spending time with people who are so in love!

Ashley Terry 2011

I’d like to personally be there one day when you guys show this one to T’s first girlfriend.

Ashley Terry 2011

We quickly moved inside and had a nice warm, dry place to shoot, with much thanks to the Renaissance Austin Hotel .

I love this tender moment between Mom and son. Krista, it’s so clear how much you adore him. How lucky this boy is to have you as his mother.

Ashley Terry 2011

Oh, and this one, too! Krista, I could shoot with you all day. Your expressions are so genuine and your happiness is contagious. I love how the real you just shines through the camera.

Ashley Terry 2011

Let me just say here how much I admire child photographers. Those little ones are so fast and their expressions are always changing, it’s a real trick to get the one you’re looking for. But man, when you get that genuine smile, it’s so worth it. Little T Man is in his Papa phase right now; you can just see how much he adores his dad.

Again, thanks to the Renaissance Austin for the lovely tree in the front atrium!

Ashley Terry 2011

Ashley Terry 2011

Adorable baby reading a book? Makes my heart melt!

Ashley Terry 2011

We’ll end here because it doesn’t get much better than a father/son moment. Thank you so much to the lovely White family for always trusting me to let me capture your life and growing family on camera. It’s an honor and a privilege, and you’re so supportive of me, I can’t thank you enough. We just love you guys!

Ashley Terry 2011



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2 responses to “White Family Christmas | Austin Family Photographer

  1. Aww, they turned out wonderful, as usual! You have done such a great job capturing our little family. We are so privileged to get to work with you! (We’ll invite you over the day we show pictures to T’s first girlfriend. That photo is a keeper!)

  2. Ellen

    I love them all and Krista always radiates beautiful happiness! Well, ya’ll do. Just a beautiful family! I giggled when I scrolled down to DSC_6914 – the T Man, in the chair pointing to the pillow as if, “you want ME? to lean against THIS pillow here?! Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

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