Bookshelf | Pray Big: The Power of Pinpoint Prayers, by Will Davis, Jr.

It’s Sunday morning and the house is still quiet. It’s just Dugan (my 8 year-old terrier mutt) and me on the couch, trying not to wake the others up. In a couple of hours we’ll be running around, finishing breakfast and heading out to church, so I wanted to take some time now and tell you about the book I’ve just finished…literally. Like five minutes ago.


I bought a copy of Pray Big for myself after buying several copies for Christmas gifts last year. I’ve never really been interested in books about prayer, because I’ve always wondered what makes someone else an authority on prayer and why I should listen to them. After all, prayer is a personal thing between my God and me, right? I’ve never seen the need for any involvement from someone else there. Who says there is a right way or a wrong way to pray? Anyway, you get the idea.

I almost feel like this book knew who I was and that I needed to read it. It was determined to put itself in my path at some point. Why? Because I’ve been praying for years, but I’ve never allowed myself to pray for anything really specific. I always thought, I’m lucky enough to be talking to God as it is. I’m not going to push it. He knows what’s best, so I’ll just pray those generic thoughts like “Lord, please be with my Dad today,” or “Lord, let your will be done,” or “God, please bless Laura today.” That’s all fine, but looking back, I know that God is already doing those things, whether I ask Him or not. He is always with my Dad. His will is always supreme, and He is already blessing Laura, long before I think to ask. I always worried that praying for specific things was selfish, that it meant I thought I knew better than God does. What I learned is that Jesus Himself taught us how to pray, and when He prayed, He didn’t use those vague phrases we all know. He just opened up and had a good heart to heart with his Father. He talked to God as if He were sitting right next to Him, and He said what was on His mind. If He wanted God to do something, He simply asked for it.

I love what Will says here: “If you were really sure that God hears and answers your prayers, would it change the way you pray? What are you praying for today that will require a miraculous answer from God? What are you asking for that only God can do? You chose worry over prayer, stress over hope, and defeat over victory because you believed God simply wouldn’t respond to something so trivial.” Hello, Ashley!

I could go on and on, but I really suggest getting a copy for yourself and seeing what God has to teach you from it. My communion with Him, the way I spend my time with the Creator of the universe, is forever changed. The way I pray for my friends and family and for the world will never be the same. I just can’t wait to see what God will do!

Happy Sunday to you all! Here’s hoping for lots of rest and replenishment; what Sundays are made for.


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