The Inevitable…and why I need more skinny jeans

The past week or so has been pretty exciting. Ever since I decided it was time to tell the world that I want to be a wedding photographer (did you hear, by the way?), it’s practically been spilling off my tongue to anyone who will listen. I’m amazed at the change in where I am now from where I was the day before I told my secret. Since the new year, I’ve joined three online networking groups for photographers. I’ve met six or seven new photographers in Austin and I’ve got a coffee date this week to meet another new friend. I’ve been offered the opportunity to shadow/second shoot for one (yes, I will be following up with you! We’ve got to make that happen!). I have an invitation to coffee with my own wedding photographer, Leah, who thankfully has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. I have business cards.

Yes, I’ve come a long way from the girl who two weeks ago spent night after night studying the sites of wedding photographers wishing that I could do what they do. I’m at the very beginning. I’ve got a long, long, way to go, but I’m on my way.

More proof? I’m headed to WPPI and Showit United next month in crazy Las Vegas, and I’ve learned some of the most valuable events and meet-ups aren’t on the calendar, but typically happen at a moments notice and if you’re not on Twitter or Facebook, you’re going to be out of the loop. Well hey, if I’m going to make the trek all the way to sin city and invest the time, I do not want to miss out. So I did the inevitable…I traded in my archaic, dusty but trusty old cell phone for one of these things.

Ashley Terry 2012

Not really by choice, mind you, but for the $0.99 deal AT&T was offering, I couldn’t pass it up. And I have to admit…it’s kind of neat. Don’t tell my husband I said that. This now makes a MacBook and two iPhones in our house. Are we hipster enough to own this many Apple products? I think I should go invest in a few more pair of skinny jeans, just to be safe.


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  1. Love it!! Looks like an awesome upgrade to me!

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